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About the Haechton’s:

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Jared and Stacy Haechton and their five children, Wesley, Micah, Enoch, Mercy, and Hope live and minister in the District of Kham Muang, a rural district in the Province of Kalasin, Thailand. They are from Blaine Christian Fellowship, Blaine, WA and are church planting with OMF International as part of the Isaan Joint Venture in the Isaan Region of Thailand.  The Isaan Joint Venture desires to see God glorified through biblical churches within every district of the Isaan Region. Jared and Stacy are overjoyed at the privilege God has given them to be involved in his purpose of drawing the unreached to himself through a relationship with Jesus Christ! They are excited and humbled to be a part of a movement to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to meet the vast spiritual and physical needs of the people of Thailand.

About Thailand: 

A kingdom since the 13th century, Thailand is unique in South-East Asia in that it has never been a dependency of another nation.  The word ‘Thai’ actually means ‘Free’.  But despite the title, the vast majority of Thai will never have the opportunity to hear the greatest message of freedom in the world.  Studies have indicated that less than 2% of the population is Christian.  Of the over 60 million people in Thailand, research shows that nearly 60% will never have the gospel of Jesus Christ shared with them.  Further, there were 276 districts within Thailand which have no church, and therefore little to no witness to the gospel.

About Church Planting:

We are confident that God has a plan to see His glory proclaimed among the Thai people. In the past 10 years, the Church in Thailand is growing. Many church and mission leaders feel Thailand is poised for its first breakthrough in church growth. However, since only 2% of the population is Christian, God is raising up those from many nations around the world to stand alongside the national church and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.

The District of Kham Muang has approximately 50,000 residents, and in 2012, there was only one known Christian living in the district. That Christian shared a similar vision to see a church planted within the district. In 2013 we moved to the District of Kham Muang and by God’s grace we have joined that one Christian to begin a small house church within the district town. In line with our vision to see a biblical church planted in the District of Kham Muang, we commit ourselves to evangelism, social service, and building up of Christians within the District of Kham Muang and neighboring districts who will also multiply.

About Partnership:

We need people and churches who will partner with us in ministering to the Isaan people.  We are looking for those who are willing to dedicate time to pray for us and for the Isaan people. We also need those who will serve as senders to support us as we continue in this ministry in Thailand.  Would you consider partnering with us in ministry?  To become a ministry partner, please contact us by email  or go to the OMF USA Partnership Page.

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